Kryptos – “The Coils Of Apollyon”

Kryptos – “The Coils Of Apollyon” (AFM Records)

Man, if Maiden evolved into a thrash band then Kryptos might’ve been their name – and if they came from India lol! That’s right, we’re talking the land of curry, turbans and elephants – Kryptos might be that country’s leading band although I’ll be the first to confess that I haven’t a foggiest about any scene there! Melodic riffs and guitar warblings that could’ve graced Davy Murray’s fret boards spring to life on songs like ‘The Mask Of Anubis’, ‘Eternal Crimson Spires’ and ‘Vision Of Dis’ – all brought at a galloping Maiden pace which is hardly surprising give how popular Harris & co are out there. However, it’s Nolan Lewis’s thrash vocals that stop anyone short of decrying the band as out n out plagiarists – reminiscent of Kreator’s Mille Petrozza but mellower I would say, prompting the question of what may have happened had Maiden kept Di’anno and moved into thrash? As for Kryptos, aside from the mystique that they hail from an exotic Asian country there isn’t too much here there hasn’t already been previously covered despite the band executing their work excellently, so perhaps the real appeal to “The Coils Of Apollyon” is that the release in itself coming out’ve a heavily religious country like India is that it has happened.

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