KRYPTS “Unending Degradation”

“Unending Degradation”
(Dark Descent)
Dark Descent seems to have a special eye to the Finnish extreme metal scene. Band after band of Finnish origin keeps popping up on that label and for most of the time it is damn good bands too. KRYPTS are supposedly kult. Can’t say anything about that simply because I don’t remember them or if I’ve heard their metal before. I have no minority complex. Neither do I have a grandeur complex. That is why I can rejoice in the fact that the Nordic bands are so bloody much better than any other bands in the whole damn world. Don’t agree? Prove me wrong then. KRYPTS might have a history like a I said but I totally missed out on that or my memory slips my mind. This is in any case death metal in that very old school that was so cool (and still is) back in the late 80s/early 90s. Need I say that this is blood brilliant? Didn’t think so. Anders Ekdahl

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