KULT “Unleashed From Dismal Lights”

“Unleashed From Dismal Lights”
This is one of those band whose name I’ve seen in adds but never really bothered to check out. I don’t know why because now that I get to hear it I realize that this is black metal right up my alley. I can stand any form of black metal but this is the stuff that is closest to my heart. Pure, raw and unadulterated. Pretty much the way it was played in the early nineties when Darkthrone and the Norwegian bands set the standard. There is something refreshing to an album that is filled with nothing but pure black metal. No female voices, no grand symphonic arrangements, no fancy shmancy stuff. You just feel the force of it like a punch to the stomach. Just wish that I had checked them out earlier but as they say, better late than never. Anders Ekdahl

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