Kuoleman Galleria – “Pimeys Saapuu Pohjoiseen”

Kuoleman Galleria – “Pimeys Saapuu Pohjoiseen” (Inverse Records)

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Sorta trying to mix Lordi style rock (n roll) with darker elements comes Kuoleman Galleria’s 2nd album. Adding in sarcastic lyrics and dark humor, these Finns have been going since 2012 as a one man project, but having secured a full band released their debut last year. Since then they’ve toured their homeland and also had some gigs in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, where the band received the positive impetus to hit the studio once more with this 14 track follow up. “Pimeys Saapuu Pohjoiseen” crystallizes the idea of being a Finn living in the dark and cold north, but not in an evil or ambient way, but rather cynically in an angry manner although not in despair. Led by the don’t-give-a-shit blackish screamo / hoarse vocals of bassist Jankkari (Ferocity, Ruinside), the guitars of Henri Nevalainen and Matinlompolo crunch and chug but also produce some prominent catchy lead breaks as well mixing in rock, rock n roll and chucking in some punk to add to the attitude resonating across songs like ‘Hännystelijät Helvettiin’, ‘Sadattaja’ and ‘Jalopuinen Makuupaikka’. Sung entirely in Finnish, which adds to the catchiness by rhyming in many places, it’s easy to see why the band are a particularly hit in the former Soviet bloc countries where many may share an equally bleak cynicism and outlook on life – albeit still with a smile on their faces.

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