Kyle Gass Band – “Kyle Gass Band”


Kyle Gass Band – “Kyle Gass Band” (Steamhammer / SPV)

‘…she’s my bro ho…she’s got a tattoo of Han Solo…but don’t be thinking’ she’s a dude bro…’. Kyle Gass. Tenacious D. The Pick Of Destiny. Well, what does KG do when he’s not hanging in the most awesome duo with Jack Black? Simple – he assembles a super team of talented but equally wacky dudes to back him up in his own project, The Kyle Gass Band! Formed out’ve the ashes of Trainwreck – which did indeed wreck – Kyle Gass Band is ‘good time rock n roll’ with serious amounts of Tenacious D tongue in cheek lyrics courtesy of KG. Still, it’s not a comedy rock act but a super group and certainly plays like one drawing from 70s blues rock with a southern boogie feel incorporating plenty of cool guitar work from the 3 players pumping out catchy melodies, licks and solos on songs that will have you swaying while smiling a plenty on ‘Manchild’, ‘Bro Ho’ and ‘Ram Damn Bunctious’. Vocals are shared between KG and Mike Bray, who came to Los Angeles in 2007 and began playing in Band Of Bigfoot, a quartet of guys dressed in Sasquatch garb playing jams like ‘Yeti For Love’ – sounds like the perfect match – I mean, just check out these two on ‘Gypsy Scroll’, it’s just those tarot cards in Tenacious D before it all explodes in a heavy metal anthem – complete with flute! I mean, the feel good factor on the 10 tracks is huge and it certainly had me in fits of laughter. Needless to say Kyle Gass Band has now gone from playing clubs and bars onto bigger, interstate US tours and last year, hit the first European summer festivals. Clearly no flash in the pan (or trick of Satan), Kyle Gass has taken his humor and guitar to create a badass band of his own – and this time it’s without the POD.

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