Kyshera – “Made In China”

Kyshera – “Made In China” (

LOL – if this was manufactured in China, it would truly be the end of the world! Kyshera actually come from Wales of all places but play some of the most off the wall fusion rock that owes more to the 70s prog and psychedelic inspirations of Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa and even David Bowie, but all wrapped up in a funky, eclectic modern groove also incorporating rap and grunge like elements! With an equally explosive live show and blatant political lyrics, Kyshera’s desire to escape the norm is reflected in their drive towards the undefinable on songs like ‘Mannequins’, ‘The Game’ and ‘Messiah Mask’ featuring space age keyboard sounds, slapping bass and radio mike vocals all cemented together by some equally diverse guitar work. For a trio, Kyshera certainly make a big sound, not just in depth but also in breadth and whilst genre purists may dismiss the talents of these young upstarts, I feel that “Made In China” has what it takes to bring modern prog to the masses.

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