KZOHH “26”

(Ashen Dominion)

Battle Helm Rating

This is one of those bands that I have not ever heard of before this dropped in on me but for some reason I am looking forward to hearing this. With only two tracks and a total playing time of 38 minutes you pretty much know that this is gonna be an interesting journey. Being described as musically black metal I gotta say that there is not much in the first track that reminds me of black metal. Instead, I get a feeling that this is much more blackgaze than anything else. Or some sort of black ritual. What I like with this is that mix of beauty and pitch-black despair. This kinda stuff is like therapy for me. A sort of mental and emotional cleansing. If you like stuff like Shining taken even further down the spiral this is for you. I know that this is for me. Anders Ekdahl

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