Battle Helm Rating

I don’t know enough about Italy to know where Grottaminardi is. Not that it really matters. I don’t think that the origin of LA JAMARA has anything to do with how they sound. So what do they sound like? This is pretty much traditional heavy metal sung in Italian. That they sing in their native tongue gives this an interesting edge. Not better or worse than had it been in English. It just makes for an exotic feature. I’ve been trying to come up with a band that this reminds me of, but I have come short on that note. There is a familiarity to this that kinda annoys the shit outta me. it could be that they sing in Italian that throws me off, and makes me think of Italian non metal artists. This is a more than decent heavy metal album. Not the best out there and not the worst. I enjoyed it and that is all that matters to me really. Anders Ekdahl

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