LA JANARA “Tenebra”

(Black Widow Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a band that I know of, and even have reviewed. And I liked what I heard the last time and I have no reason to not think that I will like this new album too. I often wonder what the world of heavy music would have sounded like had there not been a Black Sabbath. I have no doubt that some other band would have come along and put heavy music on the map, but it would not have sounded like Black Sabbath. LA JANARA play a sort of heavy stoner/doom metal that grooves like there is no tomorrow. This is a really fun album to listen to. There is a vibe to this that makes me all warm inside. It is hard to not like this. It is kinda infectious. I get a sort of Candlemass mixed with Heroes Del Silencio when I listen to this. Two bands that are very close to my heart. Anders Ekdahl

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