LADY REAPER ”Mise en Abyme”

”Mise en Abyme”
(Valery Records)

Battle Helm Rating

LADY REAPER is an Italian heavy metal band formed in 2009. As I am new to the band I tried looking them up to find out more about them, but it was next to impossible to find anything worthwhile. I don’t really know that much about them. Not that it matters really. I just thought it was fun to know at least something about them. I don’t really know what I think of their heavy metal. I have had so many great Italian heavy metal meetings that I have set the standard high. And to be honest LADY REAPER doesn’t really reach all the way to the top. They kinda gets stuck two thirds on the way. There are parts of this album that are great but then there are parts that feels a bit too wibbly woobly for my liking. Anders Ekdahl

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