LAID8 “These Faded Lines”

”These Faded Lines”
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There gotta be more bands from Israel playing metal than we get to experience. There has to be with so many people living there and. All cannot be tied up with their kibbutz. There gotta be a youth movement of sorts that is into metal. LAID8 might have a name that is hard to get but musically this isn’t that hard to understand, even though the first band I came to think of were Norwegian Atrox ( a not too easy to understand metal band). But seeing as I’m no stranger to the more off the beaten road kind of metal bands I find enjoyment in this album by LAID8. You could call it avant garde metal but that would be doing the band a great injustice. I’d say that they end up somewhere between Evanescence/Paramore’s more mainstream approach and the more twisted and weird metal of bands like Atrox. Easily accessible with being to watered down. Anders Ekdahl

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