L’ALBA DI MORRIGAN “The Essence Remains”

“The Essence Remains”
(My Kingdom)
I can understand why Katatonia has started a trend amongst metal bands. There is no escaping the melancholy of our northern brethrens. But is there the same kind of melancholy in Italy. L’Alba Morrigan at least try to roam in the same quarters as Katatonia. And they succeed pretty well with it. There is a sadness and melancholy to this that make you want to turn off the lights and put on headphones and just indulge in the music. This is not party music in any way. This is not even music you enjoy in the company of others. This is music for those lonely moments when you don’t want to socialize with anybody. This is alone-time music. This is music for those of us who think that Novembers Doom, Katatonia and not so many more are the greatest things to come since the wheel was invented. This is shoegazing metal in all its glory. Anders Ekdahl

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