LAMIRAL “This Ep Has No Name and It’s Alright”

“This Ep Has No Name and It’s Alright”

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Belgian hardcore was (and perhaps still is) well known worldwide at one time in history. I know because that is how I got my eyes opened for it. At times I feel it was easier back in the 90s. sure, we didn’t have the Internet but we did have fanzines and even though it required an effort from all parts involved it made for more of a community feeling. You ordered a fanzine, waited for it. Discovered cool new bands, sent off for their demos and then waited for it to arrive. Back then a band like LAMIRAL would be one of those that I would have sent money off for stuff. Not being the greatest aficionado of hardcore this is still the stuff I like. There is a feel of it moving forward, it is reasonably aggressive as well as melodic. And it got an edge. This is the stuff that I like. Anders Ekdahl

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