LANA LANE “El Dorado Hotel”

“El Dorado Hotel”
(Think Tank)
Me and Lana Lane has a history. If I’m not mistaken the very first interview I did for Battle Helm was with My Dying Bride and Lana Lane back in what seems like ancient history. Since then I’ve tried to follow her every move and while it’s been a hard time keeping up with all the different releases that has come over the years I think I have a pretty good understanding of where she comes from and where she’s heading. I like the progressive metal that she and hubby Erik Norlander creates on these albums. There is a very dreamy, almost surreal, quality to the music. That alone makes it worth checking her out but you also get strong melodies and a song writing skill that leaves little to be asked for. If you haven’t yet discovered Lana Lane you better rush out and buy, or at least sit down in front of your computer and get ordering because this you don’t want to miss out on. Anders Ekdahl

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