(Dark Descdent)
If Pulverised from Singapore are the specialist of Swedish metal then American Dark Descent gotta be the expert of all metal Finnish. LANTERN is yet another Finnish band to make its appearance on Dark Descent. And seeing how great the previous ones been I have only high hopes for this Finnish lot. Don’t know how hard and heavy the band name is but musically this lot turn out some really cool metal. The mix of black and death brings back memories of a time when genres weren’t that important. What mattered was if your metal was cool or not. And cool this is. In a Necrophagia for the first time cool. You think that you haven’t heard anything like this before but the more you dissect it the more references you’ll find. For all those old school maniacs out there that just don’t want to feel nostalgic but in the now. Anders Ekdahl

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