LAPETUS ”The Long Road Home”

”The Long Road Home”

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I get sent review request every now and then. As I am all about discovering new bands I really appreciate the effort the bands go through in sending me cool stuff to review. LAPETUS from Long Island is one band that has done so. And as I sit here with their album “The Long Road Home” it is with some sort of anticipation. What if this sucks majorly? Do I have the heart to totally trash their effort? Thankfully I don’t have to be too cruel. The band describes their music as prog/melodeath. A combo that on paper might look suspicious but in real life work really well. Because in real life you don’t notice too much of the prog part. You do notice a greater deal of the death part. In my youth I would take speed over slow any day of the week. With age I’ve softened a bit but then come this along and it is like being taken back to that very first time I heard French Morsüre. Thankfully LAPETUS do mix up their full frontal assault with softer parts to give this old dude time to catch my breath. But this was a really cool new acquaintance. Anders Ekdahl

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