Larceny – “My Fall”

Larceny – “My Fall” (SAOL)

Southern Germany’s Larceny could be forgiven for their name as they do indeed borrow heavily from a number of genres, although they it a fine style of their own! Formed nearly a decade ago, they literally rose from not being able to play but with a fierce desire to become a band and “My Fall” is their eventual debut. Based on a strong Metallica thrash base come the beauty n beast femme vocals of Anna Rantou also enhanced by Oliver Gaupp’s growls – it’s not unlike Kittie at times, with sultry vox that suddenly go into feline rrrowls – until the powerful melodies and harmony vocals come flooding in on songs like ‘Love You Dead’, ‘Eat Me Alive’ and ‘Still’. Whilst the thrash stuff is fairly commonplace the melo metal works a treat given its powerfully evocative emotions so in this case Larceny can be forgiven their crime in this daring mix.

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