Laser Dracul – “Laser Dracul”

Laser Dracul – “Laser Dracul” (Ván Records)

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Laser Dracul?!?! Like, wow – totally far out man! Formed ‘from the foggy plains and wet woods of southern Dalarna’ comes this Swedish trio who clearly have a penchant for English ale – especially the 70s vintage of Black Sabbath! Thankfully with more of a desire to create dark, heavy music and a horror edge rather than unearthing the undead, this is a vinyl re-issue of their 4 tracker demo earlier this year. Taking a more mid tempo approach, everything else is pretty much trademark from the warm, fuzzy guitar of Lars exuding heavy warbling doom riffage mixed with lighter rolling stoner melodies, along with Henrik’s wood chopping drum work – clearly a man who’s felled a few trees in his life! Completing the dark circle is Micke’s rumbling bass and his heavy vocal drawl, which, when mixed with some organ and church bells certainly adds to the ominous tone of songs like the aptly titled death tinged ‘Dying At Sunrise’ or the smog Sabbathy ‘Dancing With Demons’ and the epic 8 minute+ ‘Fear Of The Priest’. Ideal for the winter blues, you can literally feel the embers burning on this one…..

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