Last Bastion – “The Road To Redemption”


Last Bastion – “The Road To Redemption” (

Awe inspiring US folk / power metal from Seattle! Amidst much medieval melody and revelry, Last Bastion don’t seem to follow the trademark modern power metal style, instead drawing from their HM roots like Maiden and Manowar to produce a style that is more mid paced, but heavier and can certainly kick it on gallant, epic songs like ‘The Way Of Kings’, ‘Ancient Lands’ and the anthemic ‘I Know When I’m Home’. Equally uncommon are the different musicianship styles, from the hard hitting precision drumming as opposed to the double bass on full speed convention to John Lovatt’s at times gravelly vocals,  hitting the highs amidst some throat straining which actually adds to the noble style of the band, whilst honorably matched by blazing guitars and Karl Logan sounding whirring solos thundered along by twanging bass lines a la Steve Harris. Matt Bethman’s keys are something else too, bringing power and majesty in their melodic symphonies and atmospherics that occasionally come to the fore prominently – and stylishly – in the material whilst for the main enhance the band’s powerfully focused delivery with a wider creative sound. This is a very impressive debut indeed, different from the pack in just about every way, yet it all fits somehow so big congrats to the boys at the Last Bastion!

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