LASTER “Wijsgeer Narreman”

“Wijsgeer Narreman”
(Dunkelheit Productions)
Without knowing anything about Laster I’d say that they are Dutch. Don’t know and don’t really care. It’s just something about the name and the song title that screams Dutch. Could be Belgians too. Musically this is black metal in the early Burzum school. You might think whatever you like about the Count but those early albums were great, still are. I like this minimalistic style of black metal that is more about ambience and atmosphere then sheer power and hate. There is something to getting the most out of the smallest particles. There is something to the use of only guitar, bass and drums that appeal to me. This scaled down way of doing things acts as a contrast to the complexities of everyday life. This is the stuff I drift off into the night to. Anders Ekdahl

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