Lawless – “Rock Savage”

Lawless – “Rock Savage” (Escape Music)

Oh yeahhh, this is the one many people have been waiting for – the Brit classic rock super group made up of current Demon members Neil Ogden and Paul Hume, joined by Persian Risk guitar maestro Howie G and HeadrusH bassist Josh “Tabbie” Williams! Together they take us back on a trip to the 80s from the Twisted Sister shout it out of ‘Metal Time’ to the searing ‘F.O.A.D’ that reminded me of Don Dokken to the Scorpions like ‘Rock N Roll City’ and the ‘Scream’ of the mighty Dio. Power melodies, power riffs and power rhythms are the defining moment of “Rock Savage” and whilst not drawing greatly from their own bands, the focus of Lawless is on classic rock par excellence and true to form, every note and sound has been polished and worked until worthy to bear that brand. Lawless come from that time, and if you thought the great days of 80s rock were over then these guys might have something else to say about that!

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