LEAF HOUND “Live In Japan”

“Live In Japan”
I am not ashamed to say that I have no knowledge of this band. Perhaps I should have known of them before but I don’t. But from what I understand LEAF HOUND never made it big when they were active in the 70s. Apparently they are still big in Japan which this disc should prove. Like I said, I have never heard any of their music and I can’t remember even having heard of them prior to this but what the hell, I’ll give it a chance at least. There is a bluesy edge to this that you too found in Led Zeppelin or Free or even in Deep Purple. There is also a Jimi Hendrix vibe to this. When I read about what front man Peter French went on to do it surprises me that more people didn’t discover LEAF HOUND. This is really cool stuff that needs to be heard by more and not just collecting dust in some collector’s basement. Anders Ekdahl

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