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Battle Helm Rating

This is cult. This is to me as important a comeback as when Bruce rejoined Iron Maiden or when Rob rejoined Judas Priest. Back in the 80s there were female metal vocalists but there where none like LEATHER LEONE. She rock everybody’s socks. Her 1989 debut album “Shock Waves” is still one of my all time fave US metal albums. And now almost 30 years later we get a new album. This is really like x-mas has come early. I have been looking forward to this moment ever since that first album in 89. And now I get to hear it. If you should compare this to anything it has to be Rob Halford’s solo albums. This is high energy heavy metal. The take no prisoners version. If you like heavy metal you gotta like this. If not, you don’t like heavy metal. Anders Ekdahl

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