LECHEROUS NOCTURNE “Behold The Almighty Doctrine”

“Behold Almighty Doctrine”
(Unique Leader)
This can’t be anything but death metal. With that in mind I’ll gladly take this on. My doctor has ordered me to at least divulge one death metal act a week and if possible even more than that. So I really hope that LECHEROUS NOCTURNE is what the doctor prescribed. I like the fact that labels like Unique Leader or Sevared still keep the banner of extreme death metal flying high. Not all can be Walmart accessible. We need stuff that sticks out like a really sore thumb. This is the kind of death metal that should be played on a really cool sound system and not through some computer speakers to do this justice. This is death metal for all those of us who like Incantation but can’t wait for them to release a new album. Anders Ekdahl

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