LECHERY “We Are All Born Evil”

“We Are All Born Evil”
(Bleeding Music Records)

Battle Helm Rating

When the first band you think of is Accept you know that this is gonna be a real heavy metal attack. I feel a bit ashamed that I have totally missed out on this Swedish heavy metal band. Formed in 2006 and releasing the debut album in 2008 with a follow up in 2011 I really should be familiar with this lot. But I am not. But now that can all be rectified with this new album, 7 years after the second one was released. This is classic heavy metal. Listening to this brings up tons of cool bands in my head. Make no mistake thinking that LECHERY will reinvent the wheel. They are quite content with the wheel as it is. And that is what makes this album good. You know what you will get. So raise your fist in the air for heavy metal. Anders Ekdahl

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