LED ASTRAY “Decades Of Addiction”

“Decades Of Addiction”
German death metal. Now that is a term that might not be as common as thrash or power metal but there are and have been some really great German death metal acts. Who don’t remember Morgoth? That was one hell of a band back in the days. I’m not even gonna compare Led Astray with Morgoth. I just tried to make a point. I get a strong mosh feeling listening to this German death metal band. Don’t know what’s so modern about it. To my ears this has been done countless times before. Yet you cannot deny that when done well this could be some of the best metal around. Led Astray are not there yet but this album shows promises of things to come. As it is now it reminds me of another German band, Lemming Project (no other comparisons). If they can shake off that air of anonymity they’ll be on to something greater. Anders Ekdahl

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