LEE AARON “Diamond Baby Blues”

”Diamond Baby Blues”

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LEE AARON will forever be the metal queen. No matter how hard she has tried to wash off that tag with jazz albums and what else she will never ever be able to escape that fate. As I am not that into jazz I have not been to keen on checking her out, until her “Fire And Gasoline” album from 2016 that is. This new 2018 album is not a new metal album but it is still one heavy piece of plastic (sort of). If you like you hardrock filled with blues you will have a field day with this one. I like this album. It is full of attitude and balls. But one thing that annoys me is that I keep thinking of Alannah Myles and not just on LEE AARON. But that is also the only fault I can find with this album. Anders Ekdahl

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