Lee Aaron – “Power, Soul, And Rock N’ Roll – Live In Germany”

Lee Aaron – “Power, Soul, And Rock N’ Roll – Live In Germany” CD / DVD (Metalville)
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If you remember 80s hits like ‘Whatcha Do To My Body’ or ‘Sex With Love’ – not to mention the double platinum album “Bodyrock” – then the name Lee Aaron should not come as a surprise. Snapped up by Attic Records in the early 80s, Aaron released 6 albums through them, and toured Europe extensively along with appearances in Japan and America, earning herself 3 Toronto Music Awards for Best Female Vocalist and 10 Juno nominations! However, by the mid 90s Aaron moved into alternative rock and later jazz, where she has continued to play selected jazz but equally rock appearances included the Sweden Rock Festival. In 2016, she released her first all rock album in 20 years called “Fire And Gasoline” and as a result of its success and another European tour, her first live record (and DVD) in “Power, Soul, And Rock N’ Roll – Live In Germany” has now been released. With 13 tracks covering the best of her rock greats recorded at a packed music hall in Nuremberg to her killer open-air performance in front of 20,000 fans at the famed Bang Your Head festival, Aaron proves that she is very much a force to be reckoned with, and backed by an equally talented band, delivers a classic that doesn’t just capture the energy of the shows, but equally brings back tons of 80s memories to boot! Sultry, sassy and stylish, Aaron’s veteran stage prowess exudes immeasurably across the tracks, and judging by the roars of the crowd, it’s amply clear that her interaction with the fans is equally electric. From moving covers of Deep Purple’s ‘Mistreated’ where her femme touch adds to the moving blues rock to a lusciously thick ‘Rock Candy’ by Montrose, Aaron’s voice (not forgetting her guitar) hits home time and again whatever form it takes. Roaring in with ‘Metal Queen’, the power highs contrast beautifully with plenty of soul backed by cool harmonies and thumping drum work to give some modern welly to this 80s hit. Likewise, the teasing guitar licks on ‘Fire And Gasoline’ add their sparkle to this powerfully anthemic rocker driven by thick guitar riffs – wow! Going in deep on ‘Barely Holding On’, Aaron’s voice is perfectly balanced to convey all the emotion while not lacking in her gutsy delivery, and backed superbly by some truly moving guitar, breaks your heart completely. I haven’t heard this lady for years and this album utterly blew me away in proving Lee Aaron is still not only at the top of her game, but equally one of rock’s greatest female singers – ever.
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