Leeched – “You Took The Sun When You Left”

Leeched – “You Took The Sun When You Left” (Prosthetic Records) 

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And they look like such nice lads an’ all ha ha…..this is dark grindcore from the industrial wastelands of Madchester. Not the fast n furious kind with heaps of energetic aggression but something far more evil, festering in some hole, fomenting its hatred and misery into pure violence exploding right into your face on the 11 embittered tracks making up this nasty debut album. And quite astonishing it is too. For a band that formed just a year ago, the trio of Laurie, Judd and Tom swing it like they’ve been doing it all their lives wallowing in a pit of grindcore and heavy industrial metal. Already stoking the fires with their earlier EP “Nothing Will Grow From The Rotten Ground” (try telling that to your grandmother), the path to desolation has been set and as Laurie’s primordial roars rage along with his pig grunting bass. Adding Tom’s dull thudding drums, they set the dirty canvas for Judd to bring all his distortion, wails, feedback, bone crushing djent riffs and savage grooves to bear on tracks like ‘Cripple The Herd’, ‘By The Factories’ and ‘Hollow Point Weddings’. Nice. More than able to crush you underfoot, Leeched occasionally shift into break neck speed but always keep it extreme while still being alluring to those who like it that way on this unrelenting trip of brutality. Oh, the innocence of youth….

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