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Battle Helm Rating

I have said it countless times before. If you dig deep enough you’ll find bands that few have heard of that deserves your attention. The Spanish scene is full of metal bands of all the sorts that doesn’t get the press they should get because they don’t really reach outside of the Spanish borders. LEGADO DE UNA TRAGEDIA is a band that I hadn’t heard of before this album dropped in on me. What I do hear is a very dramatic musical landscape. It feels like you are a part of a musical when you listen to this. You really need the whole backdrop of a scene to fully grasp the enormity of this. Is it to my liking then? I do like the dramatic and symphonic but this is a bit too much like a musical for me to fully embrace it. And I don’t know how metal this is really. I don’t say this often but I miss the whole guitar, bass, drums bigger than life feel this could have had. Anders Ekdahl

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