LEGION OF THE DAMNED “Malevolent Rapture – In Memory Of…”

“Malevolent Rapture – In Memory Of…”
I have only great memories of Legion Of The Damned. The albums I’ve heard by them have all been true blasts of metal. Thrashed like there wasn’t a tomorrow, filling me with an invigorating feeling of hope. This album might be different as it isn’t a new one but an old one that gets an overhauling. I’m not too wild about this whole rerecording, rereleasing of old albums yet I do understand why it is done. Especially this one as it is done as a tribute to a fallen friend. Originally released in 2006 this album gives us a glimpse of what to come from the Dutch metal assaulters. This is thrash metal in that same school as old Kreator without the retro touch. Call it a continuation of something started by Kreator and you are on the right track to understanding this album. As a big fan of Legion Of The Damned this one too has a marked spot in my metal conscious.

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