Legion Of The Damned – “Ravenous Plague”


Legion Of The Damned – “Ravenous Plague” (Napalm Records)

Shredding thrash from Holland! Formed a decade ago following the demise of their previous band – Occult – Legion Of The Damned have consistently released albums making this their seventh no less. Clearly aiming for the big league, they pile drive high velocity riffs that jump abound matched by a suitably necking snapping rhythm on songs like ‘Howling for Armageddon’, ‘Ravenous Abominations’ and ‘Armalite Assassin’. It’s certainly wild although I haveta say their musicianship is on top form being played with incredibly tight precision. Maurice Swinkels sings in classic style with throat spat lyrics and whilst the band doesn’t break any new ground the material nevertheless sounds as fresh as it did when they began! “Ravenous Plague” definitely lives up to its name as a high quality thrash album thanks to its superior song arrangements, putting these guys in the same division as their elder cousins like Artillery and Razor, who long ago understood the secret ingredient to this much in demand style. With finishing touches courtesy of producer Peter Tägtgren, an intro by famous composer Jo Blankenburg (X Men, Harry Potter etc) and Wes Benscoter delivering the artwork, Legion Of The Damned look all set to advance full speed onward in their conquest!

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