LEGION OF WOLVES “Bringers Of The Dark Sleep”

“Bringers Of The Dark Sleep”
(Metal Scrap Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is the debut from Irish LEGION OF WOLVES after two demos. This is old school death metal with a modern twist. Or so the promo sheet says. Today everything seem to be old school. Why not just leave it a being death metal. Sure, when I listen to this memories from the past keep popping up but that I just because this is that good that it sparks memories. If you like your death metal full of cool guitar solos and perhaps not so extreme (easy listening) you will like this. This is mid-tempo with a groove. The stuff that is easy to get into and once in it will not let go of your head. It totally infects you. This is a really cool album that I’m gonna let spin after I am done here. Anders Ekdahl

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