Legion – “Woke”

Legion – “Woke” (Steamhammer/SPV)

Reputedly named after Rome’s famed soldiers and the spirit cast out by Jesus, Ohio’s Legion are already building themselves on legends with their own extreme death core. Michael Guilford’s tortured guttural meets squealing vocals make him sound like a demon possessed man while the downtuned, thick as mud riffs lay into you like a gladiator chopping to the roar of the crowd before he sadistically twists his sword in for the kill. As for the rhythm, needless to say it’s shit heavy – and just wait till those blastbeats get going – it’s like a cement mixer shredding your goddamn brain with songs like ‘He Became Death’, ‘And Then, The Devil Said’ and ‘The Roach’! Legion have to be the most extreme band to ever appear on SPV’s roster – let’s hope their other bands don’t wither away lol – all I can think of is that someone woke up one day thinking they wanted a band like Oceano and lo, a Legion appeared in their wake laying waste to all and sunder.

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