LEGIONEM “Ipse Venena Bibas”

“Ipse Venena Bibas”

Battle Helm Rating

As I listen to this I start to think about all the different styles of doom metal there is out there. This one has that 1970 debut album vibe to it. Yet there is more to it than that. But the basics for this album is found in the 70s. as much as it is Black Sabbath it is also Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. I actually thought that this was gonna be something more contemporary in sound based on the band name. I even thought that this was gonna be a blackened death metal attack. Not that I complain. What I got did turn out to be a treat. This is a doom metal album for all those of us that don’t mind an organ and a 70s vibe. A nice one. Anders Ekdahl

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