LEGIONS OF WAR “Forced To The Ground”

“Forced To The Ground”
I gotta admit that I’ve totally missed out on Sweden’s LEGIONS OF WAR. I have no explanation as to why I’ve done so other than there are so many bands in Sweden that it is hard to keep track of them all. The first thing that struck me was how much this reminded me of a death metal version of Sodom. I find the same sort of groove in LEGIONS OF WAR’s sound that I find in Sodom’s on albums like “Persecution Mania” or “Agent Orange”. Perhaps also a bit Hypocrisy has snuck into the sound. But whatever this might remind me of this is still so very metal that anybody with a taste for the harder stuff will get into this, whether you like melodic death or harder thrash. This is too good to be missed. Anders Ekdahl

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