L’ENDEVI “An Eternity”

“An Eternity”
(Art Gates)
I feel that had it not been for Nightwish (and Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil) we wouldn’t see so many female fronted metal bands making the rounds as we do. And for that I thank them all. I’m all for equality among the sexes. Now I’m just waiting for an explosion of all female metal bands to make the balance equal. But until that happens I’ll settle for more female fronted bands. What strikes me to begin with is that this is so much heavier than much of the goth metal female fronted bands I’ve heard lately. I like that edge this heavier approach gives the music. L’Endevi have a very interested approach to this whole goth metal thing (if that is their stick). It makes my mind wander to French bands like Kells or why not Norwegian Atrox. Anders Ekdahl

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