Leprous – “Coal”

Leprous – “Coal” (Inside Out Music)

Despite being around for over a decade, this Norwegian modern prog outfit are still only in their early twenties! But such is the lure of leprous that it has seen them being used as Ihsahn’s backing band, as well as touring with Opeth and Therion. Strangely enough, I wouldn’t say that Leprous resemble any of these groups, but highly talented musicians they are, and beautiful their music certainly is! From Einar Solberg’s superb angelic vocals (not to mention his keyboard talents) songs like ‘The Valley’, ‘Salt’ and the epic ‘Contaminate Me’ (with Ihsahn guesting on screams) possess an ambient, almost trance like feel on the one hand whilst at others are dark and melancholic. This is definitely not for those who like their music superficial as Leprous penetrate the layers of your subconscious with crunching bass lines, loads of splash cymbals, hypnotic vocals and amazing, far out melodies – including some cheeky Queen like fiddle work – to create moments of intensity balanced with the magnificence of tranquility.

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