LES CHANTS DE NIHIL “Le Tyran Et L’Esthete”

“Le Tyran Et L’Esthete”
(Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

French black metal has given me plenty of cool experiences. From the really off beat to the grandiose. And everything in between it seems. So it is with the greatest of excitement that I take on this one from LE CHANTS DE NIHIL. It can end any which way. There is something special to black metal sung in French. It feels even more desperate and end-of-the-world like. Musically this is high energy black metal. listening to this feels like a work out pass at the local gym. You get sweaty just from listening to this. In style it reminds me of Emperor circa “In The Nightside Ecplise/Anthems..”. Chaotic, symphonic and grand. This one turned out to be a real keeper. Anders Ekdahl

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