LESBIAN BED DEATH “Riot Of The Living Dead”

“Riot Of The Living Dead”
I have no idea what the band’s name is supposed to mean and I don’t really care either. As long as the music is good they can pretty much call the band whatever they like. And this seem to be good music. Done well I like music that crosses genres. Done badly it is just plain awful to listen to. Funk rock wasn’t one that I particularly liked. But mixing goth with punk with hardrock is at least on paper an appetizing idea. And Lesbian Bed Death does this well enough for me to actually tap my right foot to the beat of the songs. I would recommend those of you who like the sound of Paramore and Fall Out Boy but think that they are pussy-footing about to give this a try. Well I’d tell anybody into good music to check this out. This is good period. Anders Ekdahl

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