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Battle Helm Rating

Another archeological dig from record label Arkeyn Steel has dug out LETCHING GREY’s demo from 1995. By this time I had kinda lost touch with the whole power metal scene. I was all death and black metal back then. So this is another one that I missed out on. Not that I know how I would have heard of them. Internet was in its infancy and fanzines were still the only way to really get to know of new bands. This does sound very 1995. But it is not only for nostalgic reasons this is good. There is a quality to this that makes it almost timeless. It would not have sat wrongly had it been released originally today. There is that feeling to this. I always find it tough to judge stuff that is this old. Should I put it up against what is released today? Should I judge it based on what was released in 1995? All I really know is that I like what I hear and that it doesn’t sound dated at all. Anders Ekdahl

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