Lethal Steel – “Legion Of The Night”


Lethal Steel – “Legion Of The Night” (High Roller Records)

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Well any band that’s been influenced by the mighty Heavy Load has to be worth checking out! Along with Enforcer, Air Raid, Ambush and Black Trip comes yet another Swedish ‘traditional’ heavy metal band in Lethal Steel, who judging by their name, take it right back to the very metal days of the early 80s. In fact, the band claim they are ‘…the only Swedish band playing genuine heavy metal at the moment..’ which is quite a boast given this debut was recorded with the help of Olof Wikstrand from Enforcer! Still, I can well empathize listening to the 8 tracks on this album that got me as feverish as I was as a young headbanger!! Heavily influenced by Di’anno era Maiden especially in Johan Frick and Jonathan Nordwall’s heavy yet melodic riffing that on more than one occasion also brings to mind AngelWitch, Saxon and Anvil – not to mention old Swedish bands like Jonah Quizz, Gotham City and Mindless Sinner! Vocalist Viktor Gustafsson sounds like a laid back Brian Ross with this semi operatic echoing style which adds an epic feel to songs like ‘Into the Void of Lucifer’, ‘Demon From the Past’ and my personal fave ‘Warrior’. Complete with an authentic 80s sound Lethal Steel rely on the time tested formula of simple but catchy songs delivered with unpretentious technical capability and given they’ve already gone from Muskelrock to Sweden Rock I guess I can’t be the only one feeling the heat from their loud, wild n heavy metal!

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