LETHARGIA “Divine Madness”

“Divine Madness”
This one comes all in Russia. Can’t tell you who’s who in the band. Don’t know any song titles or lyrics. Had I not got sent the band name in English I wouldn’t even know that or the album title. But at the same time just from looking at the album I get a feeling that this is going to be black metal in the Dimmu Borgir/Cradle Of Filth school of doing things. And that can never be wrong, can it? So with that prospect ahead of me I put the fact that I can’t decipher any text aside and hope to be blown away. I wasn’t wrong in assuming this to be symphonic. Don’t know how much Cradle Of Filth there is in the music but Dimmu Borgir’s spirit lingers like a ghost over the music. Albeit a bit more controlled and perhaps not so symphonic. I also get a strong feeling of classical Russian arrangements when I listen to this. I think I’ve found a new favourite to ad to my already rather large list of really great bands discovered in 2012. Anders Ekdahl

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