Letzte Instanz – “Liebe Im Krieg”

Letzte Instanz – “Liebe Im Krieg” (AFM Records)

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It’s not very often that I feel moved to say I’ve listened to beautiful music but Letzte Instanz have changed all that. Despite hailing from the grim East German city of Dresden, “Liebe Im Krieg” is proof there is light in the darkness. In their 20 year existence, they’ve been labelled many genres from folk to symphonic to prog metal but this 12th (?) album is something else altogether different – like not be metal for starters, but instead a suave mix of goth rock, Neue Deutsche Härte and classical strings in the form of violins and cellos. Perhaps the reason for the change is that Letzte Instanz have undergone recent line up changes, with the string duet of Muttis Stolz and Benni Cellini now being the sole founding members. Whatever the case, they, along with the new members have conspired to produce what is so far the coolest album I’ve heard this year. From beautiful orchestrations to heartfelt melodies and stylish grooves, the genius of Letzte Instanz knows no boundaries on incredible songs like ‘Tränen aus Stein’, ‘Wir sind eins’ and ‘Blutmond’ that reek sophistication in every aspect from uber composition to superior performance and of course, ultimate addiction – an absolute killer of an album!

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