LEVANIA ”The Day I left Apart”

”The Day I left Apart”
(Sliptrick Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I interviewed LEVANIA back in November 2012. Wow, was it that long ago? Apparently it is. Back then they had just released their debut album. I vaguely remember that album. But since it was that long ago I last heard anything by them it feels like this is a brand-new start for me and the band. This is goth metal with the beauty and beast dual vocal lay out. As I sit here trying to figure out what bands I have lately come across that still uses this vocal lay out I can only think of Amaranthe. But LEVANIA are more metal, more goth and even more industrial in their sound. But there is a sort of pop sensibility to this that makes it accessible. This is a record that I like just because of the contrasts. It is easy to like it. Anders Ekdahl

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