Level 10 – “Chapter 1”

level 10

Level 10 – “Chapter 1” (Frontiers Music)

A trans atlantic celebrity collaboration between the giants of powerhouse vocalist Russell Allen (Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob) and iconic bassist/producer/writer Mat Sinner, Level 10 is melodic metal taken to the max! With Randy Black (drums), Alex Beyrodt (guitar), Roland Grapow (guitar) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (keyboards) completing the lineup, this supergroup reminds me a lot of early 80s bands like Brad Sinsel’s TKO who effortlessly mixed spell bounding melodies, soaring solos and  soulful vocals with searing rock riffs, flaming solos and a hard kicking rhythm – sometimes all in the space of one song!! Allen and Sinner have struck gold achieving the perfect balance on super heavy yet infectious songs like ‘Cry No More‘, ‘Soul Of A Warrior and ‘Scream And Shout‘ that also feature songwriting contributions from Magnus Karlsson, Carsten Schulz, Ralf Scheepers, Johann Fiegl, Sander Gommans and Amanda Somerville. Despite being recorded in the band’s spare time (!) between their main commitments, the result of this stadium shaking 12 track debut is nothing short of amazing as it simply screams to rock you out at every moment – and does – so highly recommended!

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