LEVIATHAN “Förmörkelse”


Battle Helm Rating

Just to show how confused I am at times I didn’t even know I owned the first album from this Swedish band/project. I knew that I owned a LP by a band called Leviathan but I thought it was the US one. Had it not been for a Facebook group had I not known that there was a Swedish LEVIATHAN and that I owned that album. I almost sold that album. This is the second album and with 18 years between albums even Metallica seem quick. But was the wait worth it? Having heard this one I gotta say that the wait was well worth it. There is something to this that sets it apart from most black metal albums I’ve heard in 2020. An aura of fuck off about it. A non conformist attitude. Musically this is 90s black metal, perhaps a bit Dissection-ish. I don’t like to use the term melodic black metal but that is the closest I come to rightfully describe this album. Anders Ekdahl

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