LEVIATHAN “The First Sub Level Of Suicide ”

“The First Sub Level Of Suicide ”
(Ascension Monuments Media)

Battle Helm Rating

I thought I knew about this band simply because I have an LP by a band called Leviathan in my collection. But upon further investigation that band is not this band. Once that confusing had been cleared and I realized that LEVIATHAN’s debut album “Tenth Sublevel of Suicide” was released by Moribund I seemed to remember it. But that could very well been a chimera concocted by my twisted brain. So I’ll drop any attempts at trying to figure out which band this is and just concentrate on this record. This is in actuality the demo version of what was to become the debut album. An album that is considered by some the very epitome of USBM. It is hard to compare the final version with demo outtakes but as a fan it is interesting to hear how a vision came to be. So with that in mind I sit here and listen to this and rejoice in this being very raw and crude black metal. And while I do that it brings forth a feeling of sitting in a forest clearing on a cold winter night watching the full moon. This is my kind of raw and primitive black metal. Anders Ekdahl

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