Liar Liar – “He Said, She Said”

Liar Liar – “He Said, She Said” EP (

Whooaaooh – screaming adolescent punk pop that takes you right back to your college days, pimples and your first crush. Innocence and teen hormone energy come courtesy of Joe Daniels electro warbling vocals and Jake Lawton’s manic guitar work completed by the foot stomping rhythms of bassist Liam Bates and smashing drums of Jack Dudill on singalong songs like ‘It Doesn’t Take A Hero’, ‘Heart Attack’ and ‘People Will Never Change’. Liar Liar couldn’t be further from the truth as this band gives it to you on straight up, honest yet catchy tunes that give a nod to the likes of All Time Low or New Found Glory. Grange Hill eat your heart out!

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