Liar Thief Bandit – “Deadlights”

Liar Thief Bandit – “Deadlights” (The Sign Records)
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Mixing the sounds of The Hellacopters with 70s Kiss and Thin Lizzy, the Swedish power trio of Liar Thief Bandit have been keen to make their mark since they formed in 2015. Releasing 2 prior full length studio albums and embarking on 3 previous European tours has made their reputation as an energetic live band through Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and of course, their native Sweden. Now comes their all important 3rd release and man, lemme tell you that it’s everything that you might expect – and more – from this clearly hungry to rock band! Right from the catchy 70s fretboard warbles and rolling grooves on ‘Brand New Day’, Mikael Jacobson’s soulful vocals is as pure in their heartfelt embrace as is his guitar while Niklas Dahre’s bass stirrings are unashamedly felt in the loins as they should be. Hitting the speed on ‘Good Enough’ as William Grube kicks in the backbeat, Jacobson’s raw punky guitar sharply contrasts his rock vocals and backing soft harmonies, while the trademark Scandi melodies do the trick in hooking you in while being memorable in their singalong capability. For a straight up mosh, then ”Cept The Truth’ more than does the business with its raucous riffs, twanging bass and powering drums, but again, it’s Jacobson’s addictive crooning and wailing guitar, not forgetting his wholesome vocal soul that make this song hit the mark easily. Closing this excellent album is ‘Hindsight’ which is perhaps punkier than the other tracks through its thick, energetic riffs laced by more beckoning Scandi melodies through which Jacobson bares his soul but is yet another undoubted winner on this excellent album, which I’m sure will be as amazing to see and hear live, as this is where Liar Thief Bandit thrive.
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